My history of public speaking goes back twenty years.  Through hosting my own talk radio show for six years, various public appearances, seminars, large-scale conferences, small-group events, appearing on various TV news programs in China;  it seems that my sixth grade teacher was correct when she stated on the final day of school that I was “Most Likely to have My Own Talk Show.”  (I’m quite sure she was attempting to put a positive spin on all my outbursts contributions to her classroom that year.)

I understand that speaking to a group of people requires equal parts relate-ability, humor, and substance.   I savor the opportunity to both share His Word, intermixed with stories of His power, within the context of viewing life on the sunny side.

Life is messy and I’m often found coloring outside of the lines.

Through my two passions in life: advocating for adoption and seeing people released fully into their God-given potentials, I have seen many lives transformed!  I am eager to see many, many more!

Some of my topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Adoption Advocacy
  • Adoption Support
  • Parenting
  • Big Family Living
  • Following God:  into the Unknown
  • Overseas Life: Living Life Cross-Culturallly
  • Deliverance: Freedom through Confession and Repentance
  • Overcoming Shame

I'd love to talk to you about speaking at your event

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Until we stand up to our full height, until we expand our influence to possess the land given us...we will live in lack.

— Amanda Hostetler